More VAX troubles

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Sun Feb 11 21:05:24 2001

First of all, thanks to Allison and William Webb for the help with the IIGPX.

I visited it today, and found a whole lot of QBUS cards in a box, a lot of
which seemed like SCSI. I proceeded to replace the present card with the new
one, but no success nevertheless. Then I decided to remove the RZ55 once
again. That was a bad mistake, since the power connector was wedged very
firmly into the drive, and when I tried to remove it, I removed the female
connector on the drive as well. Luckily a friend soldered it back again for
me, and I tried once again with the old card. No great success, but then we
decided to try a lot of odd drive names (odd if you're a non-DEC person), and
found out something about a DUA0. The drive span up and started to boot
NetBSD, but things seemed to fail due to memory error. We then proceeded to
reseat all the cards, and now it would boot fine. What an odd problem. Could
it be that I hadn't seated the card firmly enough?

The only problem now, is that the computer crashes whenever IP traffic goes
beyond simple pinging or a few lines of telnet. The NIC is a DECNA (DEQNA?),
and reseating it doesn't seem to solve anything. It is possible to ping it
successfully, albeit with long response times. Running ftp on the VAX and
downloading small files from other hosts quickly lands you in the debugger,
though, with a system shutdown as next step, and the same thing happens when
telnetting to it and running a few short commands.
What could be wrong this time? Should the card or the OS be replaced, and how
uncommon are these NICs? I could need another one for the plain MicroVAX II.

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