HP BASIC & SRM newbie

From: Jarkko Teppo <jate_at_uwasa.fi>
Date: Mon Feb 12 00:46:20 2001

Some background: I was going through my computers last weekend, trying to
get their operational status changed from "mothballed" to something else.
I found a couple of HP 9153C & 9153s from the storage and in an act of
desperation decided to connect them to a 9000/382 running HP-UX. Imagine my
surprise when the 382 started booting HP BASIC!

After that I went searching for another machine (found a 340, 310 and an SRM
server). First I tried to boot basic on the SRM server, but that failed due
to not having enough memory (512KB). I eventually got it working with the
310 + HP composite video card + Phillips monitor.

A couple of questions:
        What can I do with it and where do I find more info ?
                I've never used HP BASIC so the only commands I got
                working were PRINT and a mysterious LIST BIN, which gave
                me more than a screenfull of stuff like this:
                "CLOCK 5.0". I assume this is HP BASIC 5.0 ?
        I guess I can use this with the SRM server ?
        Do I need extra software to go from HP-UX to SRM ? (I've go extra cards)

I don't even know how the access the disk drives :)
So any help is appreciated, thanks.
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