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Date: Mon Feb 12 09:32:29 2001

> Thanks Ethan,
> After checking shipping for 70 lb at $38 and my wife grumbling
> about how i should use the $ on her for Valentine's day i did not
> bid on it. I still would like to have one but maybe some other
> time or place.
> >--- Reuben Reyes <reyes_at_orion.ae.utexas.edu> wrote:
> >> What type of CPU and OS does this system have?
> >>
> >> http://cgi.ebay.com/aw-cgi/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=553614951
> >
> >I can't say for sure, but it sure looks like the Perkin-Elmer box I
> >have. Mine is a UNIX System III box (P-E Uniplus) with a mono monitor
> >that has "soft keys" at the base of the tube. ISTR it's SASI inside
> >(via a SASI<->MFM board). Mine has an MC68000 (which is why my former
> >employer bought it in the first place).
> >
> >I see it has 10 minutes left. Low bid, though.
> >
> >-ethan

It's a heavy and rather slow beast. I dumped about 30 of them
ten years ago. The 68000 can be replaced with a 68010 for a slight
pickup in performance. It ran either Uniplus (SysIII with some BSD add
on stuff like vi) or MicroXelos (UniPlus SysV port) or IDRIS (clone of
Unix by Whitesmith).

The graphics are pretty slow and the bus can't really crank past the
slow speed the Versabus is running at. The Concurrent Computer engineers
looked at ways to improve it but they never got the funding from
Perkin-Elmer which went to uVaxes for these lab managment boxes.

The machines are pretty solid -- I took a news feed on an XF200
(MicroXelos version of the box in a tower case with 3 80mb drives in

The box had 15 serial ports on it plus the console. Wild little
minitower. Worked great. Never sold.


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