HPUX backup (now it's working)

From: Steve Robertson <steven_j_robertson_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Mon Feb 12 12:23:13 2001

OK... It took me awhile but, I finally figured out which "section" ISL
resides on. If I'd only looked at /etc/disktab first, I probably coulda
saved myself a bunch of work :-)

It seems older versions of HPUX use disk section "6" for boot. Once I found
that info, I did:
"dd if=/dev/dsk/c1000d0s6 of=/dev/dsk/c1008d0s6 bs=1024k"
and now everything is working just fine.

Now that I have a complete copy of the system, I can screw around with the
box all I want and not worry about loosing the OS. In the next day or two,
I'll copy all the files to a WINNT box and burn a CD (an adventure unto
itsself). That way, I'll have a "permanent" backup.

Thanks to everyone for the help.


>ISL lives in the LIF volume which is not part of a partition.
>You can probably make your exact image if you use the device for the whole
>disk rather than backing up by partitions. The whole disk device should
>get all the partitions.
>A man lif on your 10.20 system should provide some info.
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