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From: Bill Pechter <pechter_at_pechter.dyndns.org>
Date: Mon Feb 12 14:34:33 2001

> > It's a heavy and rather slow beast. I dumped about 30 of them
> > ten years ago.
> I tried to sell mine, complete with docs for $15 at a Hamfest nearly 10
> years ago and got no nibbles. This was before Linux hit it big.
> > The 68000 can be replaced with a 68010 for a slight
> > pickup in performance.
> That's nice to know. I have a few '010s (the VAX-BI COMBOARD used them).
> I didn't assume it was a drop-in replacement due to the MOVEcc instruction
> being now priv'ed (AmigaDOS 1.1 will croak if you upgrade the CPU without
> running a TRAP patch (available in the olden days). The calc program was
> the way to test the patch. If you Guru'ed, you weren't patched.

The MicroXelos at boot recognized the change (UniPlus SysV). I don't
know if UniPlus SysIII would handle it.
> As I said, mine has Uniplus (w/boxed docs and media).
> Fun. What kind of disc? SCSI? Am I right in remembering that the 7500
> has SASI?

Nope... MFM ST506 stuff.
> I'm sure by the time it was produced, the world had moved on.

Nah... the Perkin-Elmer/Concurrent managment wouldn't know a good
Unix computer if it bit them on the #$%^&*.

They had a clustered BSD network in house from the Univ of Erlangen in
Germany that would've killed Vax BSD of the same era. They never did
anything. System V -- consider it standard. They ran SysVR0 with
swapping and no pageing. When SVR2 and 3 and 4 came along they dropped
the mini's running Unix and claimed to do only Real-Time (OS/32) and
RTU (Masscomp's SysIII/BSD realtime Unix).

> -ethan

Ah well... those were the days.

It's 20 years in computers (since starting at DEC) this week and I'm off out
of Lucent to a new job at .com at the end of the month.

Times keep changing quickly.


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