Holy Crap! IMSAI's weren't this expensive when new!

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Tue Feb 13 17:47:45 2001

>> >I think I'd trade a SOL, an Altair, and an IMSAI for a System/38 or
>> >System/34.. Hell even for an AS/400 with a complete copy of the OS.. Not
>> Most older AS/400 go for about $75 at the auctions I've been to in SoCal.
>I'd bet their HDs have been wiped. IIRC, the problem with AS/400s,
>RS-6000s, and many other IBM minis is that the OS is only leased from IBM,
>and it's not transferable. So a company can't legally give you the
>installation media, root passwords, etc. And there are no hobbiest licences

At a bankruptcy auction anything is possible. Most of the time anything an
employee thinks is valuable has been looted, but the OS out of a AS/400
doesn't fit that picture. I've seen stuff go across the block that is
plainly marked as leased or rented, UPS and FedEx shipping stuff, filing
cabnets still full of recent transactions, refridgerators still with lunch
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