Sun SPARCstation 2

From: Tom Uban <>
Date: Wed Feb 14 07:53:21 2001

I use a Sparcstation IPX (sparc 2) for my firewall/NAT box. I put a
second ethernet interface into it and run NetBSD. I tried Linux, but
it runs like a dog in the sparc architecture due to a lack of simularity
to the PC memory management scheme. NetBSD runs fine! Check out the NetBSD
web site for ideas on getting your box up and running...


At 07:49 AM 2/14/01 GMT, you wrote:
>On Feb 13, 15:37, Jim Arnott wrote:
>> This may be off-topic, but are there any SPARCstation users on the
>> list? I just came into one with a missing hard drive and am looking
>> for O/S information to make it live again.
>I've got a Sparcstation 1+ which came diskless, and I worked out how to set
>up a hard drive for it (it now has one internal and one external running
>Soalris 2.3). If you can find a compatible SCSI CD-ROM drive (must be able
>to be set to 512-byte blocks, like a Toshiba or Plextor) and Solaris media
>(pre Solaris 8 for that architecture) it's easy to set up. Otherwise, try
>Linux or BSD.
>I can't offer much help over the next week or so as I'll be out of email
>range :-( but happy to help when I get back.
>Pete Peter Turnbull
> Network Manager
> Dept. of Computer Science
> University of York
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