From: Julian Richardson <>
Date: Wed Feb 14 11:05:16 2001

> Even better, they are going to be reinstating the dejaNews
> back to 1995.

yep, that is good. I've got a bunch of news postings from 93/94/95 that I
lost local copies of, so hopefully I'll be able to get a few of the
follow-ups to those back at least.

> Now if someone would just find a way to incorporate the old Usenet
> CD archives and, perhaps, take donations of single articles that
> people may have archived personally.

well, they reckon their archive is about 1TB - I wonder how much space all
the useful stuff would take up? Less than 100GB surely (I could probably
manage to free up enough for that - not sure how I'd make it available to
everyone else though)

hopefully there'll be a way to hook up to site automatically and write a
client-side app to pull stuff off the site...


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