Sun SPARCstation 2

From: Phil Budne <>
Date: Wed Feb 14 12:49:18 2001

> From: Tom Uban <>
> The older SunOS system runs very well on this, but condider that if you
> need to use a "modern" hard drive, you will be limited to about 2GB (I think)
> if you use one of the older OS's. That is why I went to NetBSD, it has kept
> up with the latest hardware...

There may be firmware limitations on the location of the root
filesystem, depending on the SCSI commands used by the boot PROM.

I think you're correct that (in stock SunOS4) PARTITIONS cannot exceed
2GB, but I'm happily runing a 4GB disk (largest partition is 1.6G),
and I've seen 9GB disks on SunOS4 systems. You may not be able to do
absolute seeks to the 'c' partition with disk larger than 2G, but
that's never caused me any problems. I think there was also a
"disksuite" add-on, to handle large disks more gracefully, but it's
not needed.

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