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From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Wed Feb 14 13:50:18 2001

On Feb 14, 12:58, wrote:

> I have a question that belongs on this list for sure.. Is it possible
> legal to obtain a copy of an old version of SunOS or Solaris to run on
> old machines? My personal opinion is that NetBSD or Linux would run
> on them, but for historical interest it might be nice to have one running
> old Solaris as well.

For a while, Sun had a webpage from which you could obtain Solaris 7 (or
was it 6?) free, and last time I looked it was possible to obtain Solaris 8
similarly (but that won't run on the older architectures). I'm sure it's
been mentioned here before; look in the list archives. I'd try asking on
comp.sys.sun et al for a copy.

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