Data General MV8000/9300

From: Mike Cruse <>
Date: Wed Feb 14 14:46:57 2001


I need a little with my DG Eclipse. It was completely dead to start with
it had a fried front end power supply. The one that hinges out at the
back of the
machine not the one in the card cage. Luckily my machine came with an
card cage with had an exact duplicate power supply. I don't really need
the extra
50 or sixty serial ports in that expansion unit so I completely
disconnected it and
replaced the fried power supply board with the now spare one.

When I turned the power on things came to life. Slowly, the message


is printed on the console but just as that happens, the machine shuts it
self down.
I have tried powering up with all cards unplugged with the same results.
It seems
to be the repaired power supply unit dropping out as I can hear it's relays
disengaging. I just don't know why.

Initially the power, battery and run LED's are on. Then the power and
run LED go off
while the battery LED starts flashing slowly. The BBU box is not
connected as I think
this machine was hooked up to an external UPS in it's previous life.

One good thing is that when I press the RST switch while the power is
still on, I get
an Scp-Cli/jp0 prompt and if I am quick I can run a command or two.

So my machine is basically alive but only for 30 seconds at a time. I
really want to get
it going because it has three drives with AOS and Business Basic on it
as well as a huge
9 track tape drive.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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