Sun SPARCstation 2

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Date: Wed Feb 14 16:08:40 2001

> You can pick you Free Solaris from sun at It costs about
> $20 with shipping, etc. That is what I did to get Solaris 2.6 for the
> IPX and PC. SunOS4.1.4 is a different story.....
> Ram

I think it's Solaris 8 only now (it was Solaris 7 when I got it), which
doesn't run on a Sparc 2. More importantly you either need to download it
or spend $75 for the media kit, as far as I know, there isn't a way to get
it for $20 anymore (but hey I might be wrong).

Try eBay. I got my copy of Solaris 8 still sealed in the box for about $60,
which beats getting it from Sun. Remember Solaris is now free for use on
systems with up to 8 CPU's (I don't know if this includes older versions of
the OS or only Solaris 8).

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