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Date: Wed Feb 14 16:09:29 2001

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> > W95 will run on 386sx/16... I've done it.
> I've been meaning to play with that. How much RAM do you need?
> Was it as slow as expected?

Slooow as frozen honey in winter on that bastard 386sx 16. just
slow even on 386dx 33 w/ 256K cache but no horsepower at all. Grind
grind grind finally done. Wasn't the HD either bec ram was 16MB in
16 simms. :-) I did this same ram size w/ a old SDRAM stick in my
PII 350 few times w/ new 15GB WD protege and win98 custom install,
quick as u can see even can burn cdrs at 2x, nothing else. Things
gets ugly when using ram-hogging programs. :-O

> > >BTW, 95 will install on the same machine without the FPU (486SX).
> > W98 can be faked on to a non
> > FPU
> > cpu but it's not pretty.
> An associate (business tenant) wanted to use "HyperTerminal" for logging
> data from some lab equipment onto a 486 Compaq. When 98 REFUSED to
> install, I installed 95 without any problems. I wasn't strongly motivated
> to try anything serious to get 98 onto it.

Do this forcing unwilling w98 install onto crippled 486 boxens.

setup /nm

Then select radio button besides that minimum install. Disable
floppy check, use treawkUI and system tools to configure. Make sure
power management polling is off. This sometimes causes pauses in
moving image programs like DVD, games etc.

But do mind that box has more than 32MB and quick hd, minimum
items in that tray for christ's sakes! After that, great for basic
uses like this, for teaching network lessons, telnet, wp, email and
spreadsheet work providing that s/w is old and non-ms.

FYI: intel's 486sx2 does exist. Seen few with my eyes and touched


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