Sun SPARCstation 2

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Thu Feb 15 17:47:22 2001

ajp166 skrev:

>>I think you're thinking QNX and not BeOS (BeOS requires at least 32MB
>>200MB disk space). I know QNX can be squeezed down to that (or at least
>>could at one point, not sure if it still will fit on a floppy).

>Thats it. QNX even has a demo with a browser that fits on floppy.
>There is also the linux kernal project, I have the LRP (router) on
>a single floppy. Though for smallness there is CPM-86 and DOS.

CP/M and DOS don't even have GUIs. =?
The QNX demo is of course interesting, but won't run on a 4 MB machine, since
it is heavily compressed on that floppy and needs to unpack into RAM.

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As a solution, you can store the amount of your monthly payment in this
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