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Date: Thu Feb 15 22:45:22 2001

> > > > QNX is also available free, including a windowing system, networking
> > > > and a development environment. ( for non commercial users )
> > > > Jim Davis.

Free? How do I get QNX for free?

> > > Yeah, but they nickle & dime you on every single little utility that
> > > takes for granted with a real *nix. Want grep? It'll cost you. vi?
> > > It'll cost you.

vi? QNX used to come with ed, which was pretty good.
> If you are interested in QNX, check out http://www.qnxstart.com/. Loads of
> free software and the latest QNX news.

Okay, I did system and application programming under QNX from '88 to '93, and
found it to very robust, especially in networking and interprocess
communication. Exceptionally fault-tolerant, too. Impossible to crash the
kernal without writing code for that specific purpose. No problem running
MS-DOS applications, either.

Where can I get it "free?" Last I heard it was about $400. I didn't see
anything at qnxstart.com about a free version, but perhaps I'm blind . . .
the QNX demo includes a nice web browser and dial-up software, and, as
expected from Gordon Bell, the mini-os, browser and dial-up fit on a 1.44 MB
bootable floppy.

How do I get the "free" version?

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