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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Thu Feb 15 23:17:37 2001

ajp166 skrev:

>From: Iggy Drougge <>
>>CP/M and DOS don't even have GUIs. =?

>Yep, saves space and runs like the wind.

Pfah. Mind you, they don't even multitask. How much OS for your money is that?

>>The QNX demo is of course interesting, but won't run on a 4 MB machine,
>>it is heavily compressed on that floppy and needs to unpack into RAM.

>So, you want everything? ;) the only thing I know that has a gui
>and can run in 4mb (barely ) is non-PS (VMS/Decwindows). You
>still need at least 80mb of disk though. I've heard the Amiga or
>one of the other commies had a real neat rommed OS that had
>graphic primitives.

I'm amazed that DECwindows will actually run in such a small (as far as non-
home systems go) environment.
Yes, the Amiga is partially ROM-based, and runs with a meg of memory if need
be. The Atari ST ran TOS with GEM entirely in a small ROM, but then that
didn't mutltitask.

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