OT: Re: E11 / Windows ME question

From: McFadden, Mike <mmcfadden_at_cmh.edu>
Date: Fri Feb 16 11:45:35 2001

***** Warning I'm going OT, lighting afterburners, putting on my flame
retardant suit, taking Mylanta, eating Tagamets, *****

File moving messages/Moving file messages.

Maybe we are all missing the assumptions that these types of animations
1. Do I need to see bits flying through the air?
2. How about a fuel gauge of the source disk and another for the destination
disk? :)
3. What we really need is a "real" indicator.
4. I seem to remember looking at disk drive lights and feeling comfortable
that data was being read from one and written to another.
5. I could also tell a lot about system activity by looking at the register
lights, device lights and noticing patterns.
6. I seem to remember system idle patterns that let me know my program was
done or hung up.
7. System lights are now only indicators that the power supply is working.
8. I also can't stand lights that indicate the sum of all disk activity.
9. Have you ever put your ear to a disk drive to see if anything is
actually happening?
9. Now data could be written to the Microsoft black hole and I wouldn't be
able to notice it unless it didn't make it to my destination disk.
10. Maybe the data is in the systems disk cache and not on the disk.
11. Maybe the data is in the disk controller cache and not on the disk.
12. Maybe it didn't make it intact.
13. Maybe the blue screen got it.
14. Maybe the data doesn't exist at all but is only electrons that are
rented to me while my software/hardware license is paid up and I'm behaving.

What I'm saying is that the message is now more important than the substance
of the action. Cute messages instead of substance.

I'm now changing my diapers and having another bourbon and water until my
blood pressure drops below 1000/1000.

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