Newton revival?

From: Joe <>
Date: Fri Feb 16 21:02:26 2001


   I had a similar problem with a Newton that I bought at an auction. I
fiddled and fiddled with it but couldn't get it to turn on. I gave up on it
and almost gave it away then it suddenly started working. It's worked fine
ever since. If you find out about a jump startprocedure let me know.


At 07:30 PM 2/16/01 -0500, you wrote:
>drats... I finally dug out my Apple Newton 130 from the move ephemera and
>it's not working with a fresh battery(s) replacement. I know it worked when
>packed 4 months ago and the batteries musta died in transit.
>I remember seeing something about jumpstarting these things back to life
>when left with dead cells for awhile but now can find nothing on the web...
>My Newton 2100 sprang back to life immediately with the same set of
>batteries that I'm trying to use in the 130...
>Replaced batteries and even hit the recessed reset button in the battery
>compartment. Nothing...
>Can anyone help?
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