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From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Fri Feb 16 21:31:16 2001

John Foust skrev:

>At 11:49 PM 2/16/01 +0100, you wrote:
>>>>can't Microsoft get it right with thousands of programmers, 800+MHz
>>>>processors, hundreds of megabytes of RAM, and gigabytes of disk space?
>>>Because they lack orginality and would rather swallow up
>>>whatever smaller companies actually come up with original ideas?
>>>Less time spent on R&D that way.
>>Amen. Just in the Amiga market, they swallowed Blue Ribbon, LZX (.CAB) and
>>ASDG. A real waste, too.

>Blue Ribbon happily sold out to Microsoft. Keep in mind that
>a "big" Amiga company was typically smaller than any
>Microsoft team on a sub-project, so one can hardly cry foul
>when a product was swallowed never to be heard from again.

Of course, who can say no to green pieces of paper? I'd probably do the same
thing. At least it was a nice gesture of M$ to release Bars'n'Pipes semi-

>I'm not aware of any connection between ASDG /Elastic Reality
>and Microsoft. ASDG sold out to Avid... again, quite willingly.
>Their products were barely marketed there and languished.

Really? I thought those two were M$ victims.

>I'm not aware of the connection between .CAB and LZX. Did they
>buy a technology or just hire the person?

They certainly hired the person, don't know who actually owns the technology.

>Another Amiga/Microsoft connection was the RIFF file format,
>which was IFF with Intel endian.


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