Sparc2...FAILURE: No Trap Taken, Exp Trap Type - 00000009...Solved...simms in wrong more questions...

From: Claude.W <>
Date: Sat Feb 17 09:26:32 2001

Ok so it was the RAM in the wrong simms sockets.

Someone had pulled so simms and what was left (32M) was not in bank starting
at 0....

Found out the proper bank scheme in the Sun hardware faq...(lots of reading
again...less time with wife and kid....)

Now system starts up and tests memory. Reports 48 Megs (added 16 Megs so all
normal) but tests just one? Why?

So now I can get in the diags and stuff....

But more questions...(maybe ill answer these by myself again...)

I have a type5 keyboard and a Mouse Systems Sun Mouse 370-1170-01

But system reports it cant identify the keyboard. I used a MAC/Apple serial
cable to connect the kayboard.

Leds blink for a second when system turned on but after then I cant toogle
the leds on the keyboard keys by pressing the Caps Lock and Scroll Lock

What about going a bit further with this? What should I attempt to run on

You can suppose Ill find 4 more 4M/30pin/parity Simms somewhere here and end
up with 64M...(not found yet but looking...)

I think 3 chip simms wont work correct? Should I try? Or just hopeless?

Also I think the frame buffer is a GX (?) Ill build an adapter for a
VGA/SVGA monitor when I find a 3W13 connector somewhere here....


Canuk Computer Collector

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From: Claude.W
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Subject: Help me? Sun newbie with non-booting Sparc2...FAILURE: No Trap
Taken, Exp Trap Type - 00000009

I am reposting this cause I never got it back so I guess it never made it
for some reason...


Well I found one, I had been asking for one on the list and got no real
offers so I went out to this place and found a sun sparc 2 for $20 canadian
I know it not fast but still...its a sun...
Looked complete but was very dirty. Cleaned it off now very nice....
Unit is a SunSparc 2 model 147.
Had a floppy, HD Maxtor LXT213SY (200 Megs I guess...), and what looks like
8 X Simms of I am not sure how many megs...nothing hacked or missing...
Video card (yup one in there) is a Sun Microsystems S4LEGO (?)

I tried hooking up a type5 keyboard I had lying around and a Sun
mouse...Keyboard leds lite up and power on and I get a beep but after
that...cap lock and other leds will not toogle on/off with

I did not have a monitor or adapter to connect a monitor to the frame buffer

After reading for quite a while in the sun faqs I removed the frame buffer
and connected a Wyse60 to serial port A and got:
(well at least something' coming out of the serial port...)

WARNING : Unable to determine keyboard type
        FAILURE: No Trap Taken, Exp Trap Type - 00000009

I have repaired lots of logic and computer boards for many years at the
component level but know close to nothing about Suns...any help

If you can tell me more about this, it would be appreciated...

This will be much faster getting answers from someone than reading through
tons of Sun hardware faqs I guess...

Canuk Computer Collector
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