Santee swap meet wrapup

From: Cameron Kaiser <>
Date: Sat Feb 17 16:54:07 2001

> They make a nice programmable calculator; the built-in BASIC is pretty
> good, and they run forever on AA batteries, so you can take them with you
> to job sites. The major problem is a lack of disk drives, so a cable to
> connect the CC-40 to a 99/4A or other computer to download programs is a
> good idea. I'm assuming every serious computer collector has several
> "mint-in-box" 99/4As under the stairs : v )

Alas, I don't :-) but I have two Tomy Tutors, even better! :-P

I saw that "Hex-Bus" interface in the back. I haven't really gone through
the manual yet, but I did some web searching for a pinout or description
and can't really find any except for mentions of TI's apocryphal interfaces
and software. Hooking it up to my C64 would be cool if I could somehow turn
it into a regular DB-25 or equivalent and plug it in the C64's user port.

> If you can find them, there were also several good cartridges made for the
> CC-40 (like Statistics, Advanced Math routines, Expense Account records,
> etc). But they're rare, at least up here in the Great White North.

No, no software :-(

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