Santee swap meet wrapup

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Date: Sat Feb 17 12:37:14 2001

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> Here in Denver, you can go to any of a dozen thrift stores and buy nearly any
> sort of older MAC for $5 upwards, though few are as high as $50. Oddly enough,
> the newer decked-out ones are often quite inexpensive, while the older classic
> mac's are high, e.g. $25 or so. I've yet to go out on any day when I couldn't
> come back with at least a dozen mac's though. I've yet to take one on, however.
> I don't even accept them when they're offered for free. It's too frustrating
> getting the boxes open.
> Dick

Dick and everybody else.

I wish that's common here but I was only lucky to find LC III for 5
cdn w/o both drives, no keyboard and no mouse. Centris 610 4mb w/
both drives, a broken pin on ADB mouse for 20 cdn.

I'll also get performa 466 in trade deal but no keyboard and mouse.

Only thing I can't find locally any are for used ADB keyboards and
mice. Once I was in rochester NY, dropped in a private owned trifty
shop and saw tons of Macs parts. Even C.R. chain store has apple
parts. And bad news is that I'll be not able to visit USA again for
years because my best friend just moved few states west. Sigh!

Parts wanted:

Looking for 68882 rated 25 or 33MHz. Ebay does have
few from time to time but shipping and cost of it is too high still,
even the straight 68040 is reasonable but hassle to obtaining one
after stressful bidding wars is over is horrific. Ditto to ethernet
cards. Therefore, I prefer to deal with yours one on one directly
by email or mail to get these desired parts.

If you have these or one of any parts, contact me.


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