Stuff available in Arnhem, The Netherlands

From: W.B. <>
Date: Thu Feb 8 16:34:32 2001

A number of items requires a new home:
The following stuff belongs to a charity and it would be nice if they
 got something for it
- Brother WP-1 Text processing system in working condition.
        Screen, single floppy drive and printer all in one.
- Toshiba 5 1/4" external floppy disk drive Model PA 7225E.
        The external 18V DC 0.6A power supply is missing.

Available free
- Qume daisywheel printer from Decmate III system
         with spare wheels and ink ribbons.
- Wang system unit PC-S5-3 with the following cards:
        PM101 IBM Mono Emulation
        PM029 Winch.CNTR-2
        The unit has a 5 1/4" floppy and a hard disk
- Wang display Mon-1240 from another system
- RSX11M manuals Version 4.1

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