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From: Joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Sun Feb 18 19:57:04 2001


At 09:19 AM 2/18/01 -0700, you wrote:
>Greetings and Happy Daytona 500 to all,
>Yesterday, at the CU auction, I picked up a 'HP Entria' model
>number "C3232A"...
>From what I can find on the web this is a color Xterminal. On the
>bottom it says "color - Maximum Resolution 1280x1024"... BNC (10base2),
>RJ45 (10baseT), serial, parallel, mouse, keyboard, HD15 video connector.
>Does anyone have a power supply (20VAC, 2Amp, 4 pin rectangular

    Yeap, it's an X-terminal. I've seen a ton of them in the scrap places.
Most get scrapped after the memory is pulled. I think the power supply is
the same as that used for some of the HP printers and other devices. It's
20 VAC with a center tap and one ground wire. I don't have the pin out but
you can open it up and find out quickly by looking at which leads go to the
retifier diodes.

Any information? Does this require a code load from the
>host, or is the code resident? Is the HD15 connector SVGA?

    Don't know. I never botherd to hook one up.

>PS I'll accept offers if someone wants to buy it also... It's pretty
>small and light so shipping shouldn't be outrageous...
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