Nubus (was CC-40)

From: Carlos Murillo <>
Date: Tue Feb 20 22:07:00 2001

At 03:25 AM 2/21/01 +0100, Iggy Drougge wrote:
>Will Jennings skrev:
>>What kind of an HP 1000 uses those? Must be an A-series, the M/E/F machines
>>certainly don't... The 9000/800 series certainly do, can't speak for earlier
>Hm, we've only last week revived a HP 9000/822. Can that monstrosity
really be
>Nubus? I thought it was something more HP-specific, something like HPIB or
>GIO, whatever that is.

Hmmm... I used an HP827 quite a bit ca. '88-'89... it certainly
didn't look NuBus to me....

That 827 did not have a float accelerator. I was delighted at the
time that my IIT 20MHz fpu for my 20 MHz 286 was almost as fast for
floating point as the HP827 (about 0.6 MFlops :-) ).

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