UPS woes

From: Russ Blakeman <>
Date: Tue Feb 20 23:14:55 2001

UPS has been great with me and I ship/recieve things almost daily. A lot of
what I hear being damaged is in certain destinations like large cities in
California and Chciago, and others. It may be that the UPS drivers/handlers
in those areas are excessively rough. CRT's are a bad thing to ship as it
is. No amount of foam, bubble wrap, etc is going to support the neck of the
tube in a crash to the ground with an instant stop, and if airlifted any
fine crack becomes a leak.

I hated RPS. We figured out that RPS didn't stand for Roadway Package System
but Really Pathetic Shipping. They lost stuff, broke it, etc. I just found
out myself that FedEx bought out RPS and canned a bunch of non-conformists
and made the others reform if they wanted to stay. I was wondering why I'd
see RPS tractors pulling FedEx trailers while driving to job sites - and I
found out why. I've had no problem with FedEx but when I try to compare
shipping rats UPS always wins out by more than just a little. If I have to
get something there yesterday then I bite the bullet and go the extra for
FedEx. Also since I don't do a regular enough amount of traffic to get a
daily stop and therefore don't have to pay UPS a daily/weekly fee, I can
check either but found out that in my rural area FedEx will drop off all you
want but won't pickup without an account.

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> Well, UPS struck again. In the past they've managed to
>destroy any number of monitors, including a Tandy CM1 and a DEC
>VR201. Today a Blue/white G3 that I ordered arrived, packed in all


        Suggestion: FedEx bought out RPS, which became FedEx Ground. I've been
shipping with them for months, and I've yet to have anything damaged. Their
customer service has been good as well.

        Good luck on your insurance claim.

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