UPS woes

From: no <>
Date: Wed Feb 21 09:09:43 2001

Bruce Lane wrote:
> At 21:39 20-02-2001 -0500, Jeff H. wrote:
> > Well, UPS struck again. In the past they've managed to
> >destroy any number of monitors, including a Tandy CM1 and a DEC
> >VR201. Today a Blue/white G3 that I ordered arrived, packed in all
> <snip>
> Suggestion: FedEx bought out RPS, which became FedEx Ground. I've been
> shipping with them for months, and I've yet to have anything damaged. Their
> customer service has been good as well.
> Good luck on your insurance claim.

RPS managed to break a DEC PWS-500a which I bought on eBay a few
months back. But in their favor, Fedex did settle all my costs
(including shipping) within 6 weeks. I've heard UPS can be a brick
wall when it comes to claims.

nick o
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