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From: John Allain <John.Allain_at_Donnelley.InfoUSA.Com>
Date: Wed Feb 21 12:01:20 2001

>contraption which recorded on
         Punch Cards
         Spools of Wire
         Magnetized Cardboard
         Photosensitive Film
         Clear plastic disks
         Audio Cassettes
         VHS Cassettes
         encased 1/2 size CDR's
         ...Fluidic Logic Gates
   . . . .

   I think this thread mainly illustrates (with great
   examples, THANKS) the difference between what's feasible
   and what's marketable. Let's face it, a good engineer
   can get anything to do anything else but when its'
   considered a success is when a million or more people
   can do it with a single push of a button. (And for less
   than a weeks salary).

John A.
(check out the price of those VidLP's Yike)
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