Pictures of first Dutch computer collectors meeting available

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Feb 21 13:04:59 2001

> It gives me great pleasure to let you know that the first meeting
> of computer collectors in The Netherlands was a great success.
> We have our own mailing list in the Dutch language,,
> and on this list the plan grew for the members to actually meet in
> person and bring some nice computers to show to fellow collectors and
> tell stories about them. A venue was found in Rotterdam and last
> saturday it all happened. Not too many people visited, but those that
> did had a great time, and in about half a year another meeting will
> be held. Pictures of the first meeting can be seen at

Great. I have to blame my absence on some business facts :(
You had some realy neat pices. Especialy the DAI ... I'm
searching one for years. Like the P2000, which I had only
seen in a magazine 20 years ago, but lucky me dida successfull
dumpster dive just 4 weeks ago .... an almost complete P2000,
includeing the disk unit - some cracks and scratches, but it
seams to work.


BTW: Does the P2000 owner have some boot disks by chance ?

VCF Europa 2.0 am 28./29. April 2001 in Muenchen
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