UPS woes

From: Jeff Hellige <>
Date: Wed Feb 21 16:01:51 2001

>Not too many years ago, they used to leave a little yellow form advising
>that they would try again on the following day or you could call the
>distribution site and arrange to pick it up yourself. Presumably, they
>have concluded that paying claims under the current system is less
>costly than under the old.

        Actually, I still receive the little yellow notices on
occasion. Most of the time though I request that a sender use USPS
as I've had much better luck than with UPS. RPS I've only used for
RMA's to/from IBM because it was their preferred mode of shipment but
I never had any problems with them. I avoid UPS like the plague
normally though. With the monitors that they've trashed, it was
never the picture tube that got busted but the outer casing. The
same with this Mac G3...plenty of styrofoam packing from Apple but
they shattered part of the side panel.

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