Wicat 68000 based system ...

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Wed Feb 21 16:56:12 2001

You;re not going to like this, but ... I've had one under construction since '82
or so, and of late have been using a torch to remove valuable components, like
sockets, etc, from the boards, which never did anything of any use to me. If I
still have any of them untoasted, you're welcome to 'em. I even still have
(somewhere) one or more of the PAL's already programmed for the application.

Now, documentatation ... well, that's the reason for the lack of progress.


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> I've got one (S-1255 about the size of a 2 drawer file cabinet)! But I've got
> no documentation on it or on any of its multibus boards. Does anybody have any
> info on it (or any 68k based wicat hardware)?
> Regards,
> Bill Morgart
> morgarws_at_molbio.sbphrd.com
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