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From: Bruce Ray <bkr_at_WildHareComputers.com>
Date: Wed Feb 21 18:24:26 2001

G'day [ex-]Wicat-users -

We mainly used the WS-150 derivative Wicat systems in the early '80s running
both U*IX and MCS. U*IX was System III, then System 7. The 1xx series was
based on the Multibus I standard, and use the MC68000 processor originally
running a 8MHz. A custom map (of 512 map registers as I recall) was
introduced later for the 1xx series. The 2xx series and others used "custom
bus" and I/O cards, but we added standard Multibus-compatible controller
cards for all types of peripherals and communications devices. We still
have some systems in running order, but didn't think that there would be a
call for Wicat nostalgia in addition to our own preferred Data General

Wicat's in-house-developed MCS operating system was very VMS-like as they
used VAX internally and liked much of the OS design. However, they
implemented things in a, well, "unsophisticated fashion" which resulted in
poorer performance than necessary and loss of hair for some their users.

Perhaps I can scan the doc set and put in on the SimuLogics web site in a
few weeks for you amusement.


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> Bill Morgart said:
> > Does anybody have any info on
> > ...(any 68k based wicat hardware)?
> (Oh Sh*t, a Wicat.
> I'm supposed to know something about Wicats.)
> But seriously,
> I picked one up about 1.5 years ago and haven't
> tossed it nor it's "WCMS" OS documentation.
> Rather Neat OS, about half way on the logarithmic
> scale between MSDOS(ug) and VMS<g>.
> Here's two rather lame offers, and more:
> 1./ Supply round trip postage and I'll loan
> you selected Docs for a nontrivial while.
> 2./ I can probably contact our (retired) Wicat
> expert and give him your number.
> 3./ If you develop a strong interest I may just
> throw in mine for free.
> John A.
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