HP-UX discs available

From: Steve Robertson <steven_j_robertson_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Thu Feb 22 07:07:24 2001


I have a number of HP 9000 minicomupters and could certainly use the CDs.



>From: "Paul Braun" Reply-To: classiccmp_at_classiccmp.org To:
>classiccmp_at_classiccmp.org Subject: HP-UX discs available Date: Wed, 21 Feb
>2001 22:21:09 -0600
>Hi, group.
>The surplus shop where I spend all my spare time got a box full of HP-UX
>cd's in and we have no need for them.
>IIRC, there are Core OS plus extensions and patches along with apps for at
>least Version 10.x and 9.x, plus some miscellaneous. They're all labeled
>for an HP9000 series 700 or 800.
>Anybody need these before we pitch 'em? If you need more specifics, I can
>get them for you Monday night.
>Paul Braun WD9GCO Cygnus Productions nerdware_nospam_at_laidbak.com
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>bunch of bricks tied to its head."
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