8080 Complier Recommendation

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Thu Feb 22 19:03:01 2001

First of all, TASM isn't a compiler is it? The versions of TASM I have are a
set of table-driven assemblers for a number of microcontrollers and
microprocessors. I personally like the CP/M (Digital Research) MASM assembler,
which I've had since Christ was a corporal and I use it under the Z80MU CP/M
emulator, though that's not a requirement. You could, of course use any of a
number of CP/M emulators, of which I imagine almost all CP/M-ers have at least
two favorites.

If you're looking for a compiler that supports the 8080, you need an older
version of AZTEC 'C' (assuming that compiler means 'C' compiler to you) which is
very similar, I'm told, to the CC65 for the 6502. There are, of course,
countless others. One notable free compiler is the HiTech (Pacific) 'C'
compiler for the Z80, of which there's also a free version for the PC. Most of
the oldies are written to the K & R vision of 'C' rather than ANSI, which didn't
have a standard back in the '80's.

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> Hello, all:
> Does anyone have a "favorite" compiler recommendation for the 8080?
> I have TASM, which I like for the 6502, but it only does the Z80, which has
> different opcodes. Thanks.
> Rich Cini
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