Wicat 68000 based system ...

From: William S. Morgart <morgarws_at_molbio.sbphrd.com>
Date: Fri Feb 23 11:19:27 2001

> John Allain said:
> Bill Morgart said:
> > Does anybody have any info on
> > ...(any 68k based wicat hardware)?
> (Oh Sh*t, a Wicat.
> I'm supposed to know something about Wicats.)
> But seriously,
> I picked one up about 1.5 years ago and haven't
> tossed it nor it's "WCMS" OS documentation.
> Rather Neat OS, about half way on the logarithmic
> scale between MSDOS(ug) and VMS<g>.
> Here's two rather lame offers, and more:
> 1./ Supply round trip postage and I'll loan
> you selected Docs for a nontrivial while.
> 2./ I can probably contact our (retired) Wicat
> expert and give him your number.
> 3./ If you develop a strong interest I may just
> throw in mine for free.
> John A.


   Thanks but unless the docs are hardware related like at the device
programming level they're probably of not much use to me since I intend (or
would like to) use it as a base 68k platform ... ie put another OS on it..

Thanks again,


PS: I already have two so you get to keep yours ;) !
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