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From: David Gesswein <>
Date: Sat Feb 24 08:39:14 2001

Work had the following on the to dumpster table, they will be gone Monday
morning. If anybody wants the following let me know. You pay shipping
plus $5 for dealing with it. All equipment given away as is.
Most worked when removed from service but any dead units they had
were probably stuck in the same pile. If you wish more than one
of an item let me know how many you want. On the off chance that I
have more takers the one that offers PDP-8 stuff in trade gets it.
Email me directly by 9am Monday if you are interested.

TRS80 Model 100 In black case, no other accessories or options. Seems
   to work when I put batteries in.
Decserver 200/MC (DECNet terrminal server, used with our vax, have several)
DEC DELNI (AUI bridge)
DEC LA30N printer (have several)
DEC LA75 printer
DEC LQP02 printer
DEC LK201 keyboard (have two)
Okidata 321 printer
HP Thinlan hub 28692A 10B2 (thin coax) hub
Multitech Statistical Muxes
   MM904C/96 4 port with v.29 9600 bps modem and 4 port upgrade (have 2)
   MMH3232C 32 port with 64k
Multitech leased line modem MT1932BC, up to 19.2k

These were around when I took inventory at lunch but I didn't see
them when I left. Somebody else probably grabbed them but if you had
your heart set on one I will check further.

Infocus 480. 8 shade grey scale 640x480 LCD to put on overhead
   In box with some manuals cables etc
Gridcase 1550sx. Computers seem to work, one no display, other
   screen doesn't sync properly so is not readable.
Data General one

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