QVT103 terminal

From: ajp166 <ajp166_at_bellatlantic.net>
Date: Sat Feb 24 15:11:06 2001

>Jerome Fine replies:
>Something is wrong here. Assuming that the QVT103 is the same as a DEC
>VT103, then what you have is a real PDP-11 (limited of course to a VERY
>small backplane and power supply) along with the equivalent of a VT100.

DEC VT103 was a PDP-11 based smart terminal. However there was
a VT103 varient that was just a souped up VT100. Anywho Qume never
did a PDP-11 based machine only knock offs of the VT100 and VT200
terminals lines.

>If you have taken out the PDP-11 boards from the QVT103 backplane - or
>just left them there and are using the QVT103 as a terminal running
>E11 on a 486, then you also don't say how the QVT103 is connected to the
>PC - via a COM port? These details are important since they clarify the
>system you are using.

E11 is an emulator, so I bet he's running QVT (windows VT100/200
terminal emulator). There were many variations of the QVT program.

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