TI Microexplorer software/info wanted for web page

From: Daniel <dannydz_at_mailandnews.com>
Date: Sun Feb 25 03:10:23 2001

Hi all! I have a TI Microexplorer machine, which is a Mac II with a TI
Explorer nubus LISP coprocessor card installed. You may see a picture of
my LISP card at

I obtained the machine from my university's surplus sale. Original price
about US$14,999. Configuration: 5 MB RAM, two 800K disk drives, 80 MB
hard drive. It dates from 1988.

There is no web site or existing software archive on the entire internet
about this machine, so I want to make one. I have a copy of the
software, which came with the machine on its hard drive, but it doesn't
work. My machine was infected by nVIR B and had some hard drive
corruption when I got it. I can arrange to trade software with anyone. I
have a fast FTP site available. The compressed archive is quite big,
because the card has its own 18 MB virtual drive file.
I also have a copy of Coral Macintosh Allegro Common Lisp 1.3.1 which is
the predecessor to MCL (Macintosh Common Lisp). I also have CLIPS
version 4.30, a product of the A.I. division of NASA, Johnson Space
Center http://www.ghg.net/clips/CLIPS.html

If you know anyone with a copy of the Microexplorer software or can give
me any leads, I would be grateful. I've already sent emails to the
individuals who previously posted to ClassiCmp about this machine. I
will eventually make a complete website for this card and arrange for
some mirrors. I asked in news:comp.sys.ti.explorer but haven't received
a response yet.

thanks, Daniel

Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Received on Sun Feb 25 2001 - 03:10:23 GMT

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