Codex Equipment

From: Marvin <>
Date: Mon Feb 26 20:47:31 2001

Just checked again, and the 6065 is not the correct number. It should be
Codex 6760 and the only description I've been able to find is NETOS
ARCTICNET, whatever that is.

Marvin wrote:
> A friend of mine called and gave me about 6 or 7 racks full of equipment.
> One of the racks had 6 or so Codex 6002 Intelligent Net Controllers, while
> another couple of racks contained Codex equipment including 8" drives and a
> Codex 6065 unit of some sort. There are also probably a dozen chassis with
> what appear to be modems on a card. A bad description, but I haven't had
> time yet to do anything. Anyone know what this stuff is, and does anyone
> need any of this stuff? There is duplicates of almost everything and I will
> most likely put some of it up on Ebay. But anyone needing it and giving it a
> good home here gets first shot. I need to add that this stuff is fairly
> heavy.
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