NeXT MO disks

From: Jerome Fine <>
Date: Mon Feb 26 22:13:27 2001

>Jeff Hellige wrote:

> >I have some rather old MO disks as well, but they are made by Sony and are for
> >a 5 1/4" Magneto Optical Disk drive - an S501. They are very close
> >to 290 MBytes
> >on each side and are formatted for 512 bytes per sector.
> If I recall correctly, one of the problems with the MO drives
> was that there was little to no standardization of the formats or
> disks for the drives. I've got an old Pinnacle MO drive stashed away
> somewhere but no longer recall it's capacity.

Jerome Fine replies:

Pinnacle sold an OEM drive (the one made by Sony) packaged in their
own box. The original Sony SMO S501 consisted on two components -
a C501 controller (which was the interface between the host adapter and
the actual drive) and the actual D501 drive (which in its original form was
a modified ESDI configuration - I don't know if an actual ESDI hard drive
could be substituted for the D501 drive) in addition to the external box
with a power supply for one drive and controller.

Pinnacle called their drive the REO-650 and in a dual configuration it
was called an REO-1300. Since I also have an REO-650 and have
looked inside, I can verify that on the early models, this was the actual
hardware. Obviously, both the S501 and the REO-650 use the
identical media.

AGAIN, ONCE MORE, does anyone want some disks? The drive interface is
standard SCSI with a 50 pin centronics interface, although the internal
C501 board uses just a standard 50 pin header.

Sincerely yours,

Jerome Fine
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