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From: Jarkko Teppo <jarkko.teppo_at_er-grp.com>
Date: Tue Feb 27 05:33:41 2001

On Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 01:12:21AM -0800, Mike Ford wrote:
> I haven't really looked this over, but "seems" interesting for HP-UX fans
> http://hpux.cs.utah.edu/ (its a mirror of a UK site).

Too bad it's mostly s700 :) Finding s300/s400 packages can be a pain,
and if you don't have the aCC compiler or gcc you're normally
out of luck. Combine this with the fact that trying to compile gcc with
the standard compiler is ,mildly put, interesting..

Well, I normally comfort myself with the fact that finding precompiled
s500 programs is even harder. Speaking of which, does anyone know if
the install tape (5.x, 9144/35401) is supposed to be write protected
or not ? I tried a quick install but it stopped loading after a while
and didn't even give me the "load done"-text.

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