RZ,nI: Claude Shannon

From: Mike Ford <mikeford_at_socal.rr.com>
Date: Wed Feb 28 13:36:16 2001

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>> Some of Shannon's better known known theorems include
>> the Sampling Theorem, which indicates that a bandwidth-limited
>> signal can be reconstructed only if sampled at least at twice
>> the frequency of the highest-frequency spectral content.
>Take a 1 Vpp_at_40Hz Sinewave, highest-frequency spectral content is 40Hz,
>sample it at twice this frequency, 80Hz, sample at 0 and 180 degrees (0Vpp
>Amplitude), the reconstructed sinewave will be 0Vpp at 0 Hz. Oh well, guess
>Shannon's theorem is incorrect...

Picking on a dead guy, how charming. Personally when I took the time to see
how Shannon is right, a whole batch of light bulbs of understanding the
digital audio process lit up.
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