Cleaning instructions for TK50/70

From: Bruce Lane <>
Date: Mon Jan 1 13:15:14 2001

        Happy New Year, folks. This one saw a big milestone for me as I took over
management of my own mail servers. It will soon see the establishment of
FTP, a maintenance node, and (possibly) a caching Usenet server. Depends on
how adventurous I get. ;-)

        Anyway... for Pete and Jerome, who seem to be most confused about cleaning
TK50/70 drives, I present the following. First and foremost, do NOT lift
the head up against those springs!

        I'm assuming you two already know to pull the drive out of the system, and
take the top cover off. What you do then is unhook the pickup leader, and
reel it out of the way onto the take-up reel.

        Next, locate the little plastic guard directly in front of the head. It's
held on with a single screw. Remove said screw, remove the guard, clean
head with swabs and alcohol (should be 99% isopropyl -- don't use the 91%
due to water content), and reassemble. All should now be well.

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