VRE01 Gas Plasma Display

From: Zane H. Healy <healyzh_at_aracnet.com>
Date: Mon Jan 1 13:37:29 2001

>>I've got a couple of the Toshiba laptops with the orange gas plasma
>>displays, that I"d *love* to trade for one of the VRE01 displays, if
>>anybody has one (or anything similar, like even a 640x480 PC-compatible
>>LCD, etc) they'd like to trade..
> One part to consider is that both Compaq and IBM, as well as
>others I'm sure, used VGA resolution plasma displays in some of thier
>'lunchbox' portables. I know that the IBM P70 used it and I'm almost
>certain that the Compaq Portable III used one as well. Neither of
>these panels were really integrated into the system case itself and
>might be adaptable to other uses if one found a parts machine.

The coolist Gas Plasma system I've seen was a Sun Workstation that was a
'transportable' that used a display the size of the VRE01 display. I know
that Bethesda in DC had a bunch of these. Sort of like a Sun Voyager, but
a LOT bigger. I saw some in about '92.

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