switch settings for a Mistubishi MR535-U00 ???

From: Richard Erlacher <edick_at_idcomm.com>
Date: Tue Jan 2 14:54:51 2001

Actually, only the upper three of the rightmost four switches stay off. The
one marked 'R' has to be on for radial selection to work. I don't know what
happens if it's off, but that's no matter. I think it 's intended for use
where there's only one drive.

This isn't for a PC, so the WD controller probably isn't relevant. I'm
setting up to use a WD 1002-05 to handle both the floppy and hard disks on a
small SBC.

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> At 11:00 PM 1/1/01 -0700, Richard Erlacher wrote:
> >I've got a couple of these that I'd like to press into service, as
> >the right size and shape. Can somebody tell me what the switches do?
> Boy, I must be getting old if I can supply answers like this.
> I had a pair of them in a 386/20 ten-plus years ago. I have
> a poorly faxed spec sheet: drive type 17, SW1 is termination
> (leave open (off) if installed as a second drive), and
> SW2 is the drive selection. They're not binary, they're
> sequential, so shorting the first pair makes it drive 1,
> only the second pair makes it drive 2, etc. In the same
> folder, I have the spec sheets for the WD RLL controller,
> if you need those. I can't quite read what the rightmost
> four on SW2 do, but it gives me the impression they stay
> "off" or at whatever config they ship with.
> - John
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