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From: John Rollins <>
Date: Tue Jan 2 17:58:22 2001

Wow! I hit gold! Wacky Willy's... I cleaned the Vaughn St. location
of every DEC bit I could find. Here's what I found:

M7606 AF, MicroVAX II w/1MB RAM and floating point

2x M7608 BC/BF, 4-Mbyte RAM for microVAX II (Q22-bus)

M7164, Q-bus SDI disk adaptor, Q-22 (1 of 2)(what does that mean?
Guess I need another board)

M7516 YM, Ethernet interface (replaces DEQNA) - what do I need to hook it up?

M3106, 4-line double-buffered async EIA MUX, with modem control;
replaces M7957 - What do I do with this? It has a cable attachaed,
p/n BC05L-03

3x M3104 DHV11, 8-line async DMA MUX

M7551 CA, 4-Mbyte 22-bit parity/CSR MOS RAM (what will this work with?)

M8053 MA, M8053 with DDCMP control ROM (point-to-point or multidrop) - huh?

Non-DEC DEC stuff:
Sigma Info Systems DZV11, some WDC chips on it and two 40-pin connectors
Emulex TU0210401
National Semiconductor NS638 - tons of chips, looks like memory

Now, what do I do with all this stuff? What will work with my 11/84
and how do I set it up? My 11/84 is bare right now - just CPU and
some memory. I don't even remember what exactly is in there right
now, I'll have to go check later. The MicroVAX II CPU was a surprise.
Is there anything I can do with that? Anyone in the Portland, OR area
(or other areas of OR/WA with a bit of planning) need any of this
stuff or have something that I could use with it?
Oh yeah - other finds at Wacky Willy's were still shrink-wrapped
copies of DOS 6.21 and Windows 3.11, and a couple of 12v SLA
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