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Date: Tue Jan 2 20:03:19 2001

> Wow! I hit gold! Wacky Willy's... I cleaned the Vaughn St. location
> of every DEC bit I could find. Here's what I found:

> Non-DEC DEC stuff:
> Emulex TU0210401

Maybe a Tape controller?

> National Semiconductor NS638 - tons of chips, looks like memory

Given what you got it with I'd guess that it's MVII RAM. It sounds vaguely

> Now, what do I do with all this stuff? What will work with my 11/84
> and how do I set it up? My 11/84 is bare right now - just CPU and
> some memory. I don't even remember what exactly is in there right
> now, I'll have to go check later. The MicroVAX II CPU was a surprise.
> Is there anything I can do with that? Anyone in the Portland, OR area
> (or other areas of OR/WA with a bit of planning) need any of this
> stuff or have something that I could use with it?

I'm guessing all the boards you just got are Q-Bus, the 11/84 is Unibus.
However, I think you can pull the CPU and RAM out of the 11/84, and put them
in the Q-Bus chassis and have a Q-Bus 11/83. Wait a MINUTE! Did you get a
chassis with all these boards, or just the boards?!?!

I'm in the area and think I've got some spare RQDX2 disk controllers (trust
me you don't want them). Not sure if I've got any spare RQDX3's, but
probably do. Of course if you didn't get a chassis, these won't do you any
good as they're Q-Bus. I've got a few Unibus boards, but no spare Unibus
drive controllers. Warning, right now, none of the stuff is accessable.

> Oh yeah - other finds at Wacky Willy's were still shrink-wrapped
> copies of DOS 6.21 and Windows 3.11, and a couple of 12v SLA
> batteries.

Any Sun stuff? Hillsboro had three Sun 1962B monitors, all dead :^(

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