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From: Richard Erlacher <>
Date: Thu Jan 4 01:44:13 2001


I sold off a MITS FDD that I'd had lying about for some 20+ years over the
last year or two.

My concern over the eventual dispositon of the artifacts I mentioned is
probably unwarranted by the general lack of concern about much other than
appearance. I have endeavored not to modify the orignal hardware beyond
repairing broken electronic components, etc. The stuff I've added is added
without physically modifying the orignal boxes, though that's not always
easy. I'm curious about whether a "real" Altair user has preference for one
or the other of the two modes of interfacing the clearly not original MITS
electronics in the HDC box. My understanding is that the orignial interface
to the HDC card set, missing from my HDC box, was a parallel port set. I
could easily provide that, but am troubled by the fact it would be so much
(probably 8-10x) slower than using the channel interface that works so well
with the WD 100x controllers. Since the hardware I'd provide is not
authentic in either case, it really doesn't matter, but it's a fine point
I'd be concerned with if I were a collector.

I have these old blank S-100 parallel port boards that were used for testing
HDA's at Miniscribe in the '80's, and they're pretty easy to modify into
either form of interface. The hardware I'm providing makes no attempt to do
anything beyond filling the purpose and filling the open holes in the boxes.
I do see this as an easy way for an Altair with no FDC or HDC to become a
working computer, perhaps superior in performance and functionality to
anything originally availble for the Altair. My quandary is that getting it
working is a lot of work probably of little or no interest to a "collector"
who just wants matching boxes stacked on the shelf.

How do you see this?


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> >Has anybody got an ALTAIR that actually runs CP/M?
> Yep... Versions running on Tarbell single and double density controllers,
> and a version that runs on the native MITS 8 inch disk subsystem.
> -jim
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