univac tape format

From: Roar Thronęs <roart_at_nvg.ntnu.no>
Date: Thu Jan 4 04:59:09 2001


We have got some UNIVAC 9-tracks tapes we are trying to read.
(The tapes were written in 1982, so it is a possibility the data is lost.
Our UNIVAC 110xs are long gone.)

What is the UNIVAC tape format?
(I have not found any info on the net yet)

We are trying to read it on a VMS system with 9-track TSZ07 streamer.
(TSZ07 is SCSI, 1600/6250 bpi. Suppose it is ANSI too)
Is the hardware compatible enough?
If it is, how do I read it? (Got a Unix utility called copytape, so the
streamer may eventually be moved)

(Another possibility is using a TU81+ streamer, ANSI, 1600/6500 bpi)

Roar Thron?s
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