Tektronix Terminal 4012

From: Owen Cameron <nemo_at_nethouse.goldweb.com.au>
Date: Thu Jan 4 17:39:59 2001

On Wed, Jan 03, 2001 at 11:44:57PM +0000, Tony Duell did utter:
> >
> IIRC, most Tektronix storage-tube terminals display a flashing cursor
> (may be rather dim) in the top left corner after power-up. Are you
> getting that?

Nope... the screen brightens - with a fuzzy circle in the center...
eventually he whole screen is bright. Nothing I've ever done yet has
affected this.

> Also, isn't there a LOCAL switch or similar? If there is, then the
> keyboard is connected to the display section (and the RS232 port isn't
> used) in LOCAL mode. So anything you type shoudl appear on the screen.

Yup, there is a [Local|Line] toggle on teh front, next to a power light
which doesn't appear to work, two LED's I've never seen light up, and three
more toggles (simply called 1, 2, 3)

> What baud rate, etc, are you usimg, and do you know that the terminal is
> set for the same parameters?

There are a couple of nice big chunky knobs on teh back to set the transmit
and recieve baud rate (yes, independantly!) from 110 up to 9600. Also a
third knob with duplex settings. I have working null modem cables... but
no luck.

There are three further adjusetments knobs on the terminal. Two on teh
front, one vertial and one horizontal (and labelled as such with arrows) - I
assume these are crude focus or alignment adjustments. There is also a small
dial on the side - I assume it might be brightness? In any case, none of
these have any affect to the green blur display.

I took a few webcam shots of the thing powering up a few days back, if
anyone is curious on the look... they're at:

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